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ITP - Business IT Power and DNN Skin Makers

Speed Optimizing

Speed and Bandwidth Optimizing is a very important Point by Website Publishing!

On the Market exists many free, included or Commerial Solutions to optimize Page- and Stylesheet Code for Speed but all this Solution needs CPU-Costs by each Request on your Server. Have you a Site with a High-Traffic so you have also high CPU-Costs!


Optimize the Base and you become Speed!

We optimize all Sources from Skins, Containers or other Webcodes in our Development-Process so you need no additional Optimizing-Solution on your Websystem!


Stylesheet Optimizing-Examples:

Bad-Code (98 Byte)

MyLinks A:visited




MyLinks A:hover




MyLinks A:active





Good Code (63Byte)

You can more Definition with the same Style in one Line, Line-Breaks or the ; by the last definition is not needed!

MyLinks A:visited,MyLinks A:hover,MyLinks A:active{color:white}



This is only a little Example was demonstrate a Code-Reduction of 35,71%



A Customer from use have a High-Traffic-Site running and contact us for Stylesheet-Optimizing, below we described the Optimizing and the Results of this. So see everyone what dramatical Reduction is here only by a Stylesheet Optimization is available.

Requests Unoptmized Optimized Size-Reduction % Reduction
1 37.96Kb 24.41Kb 13.56Kb 35.70
100  3796Kb 2441Kb  1356Kb  35.70
500  18980Kb 12205Kb   6775Kb 35.70
1000  37980Kb 24410Kb  13550Kb  35.70
5000  189800Kb 122050Kb 67750Kb  35.70
10000  379600Kb 244100Kb  135500Kb  35.70
100000  3796000Kb 2441000Kb  1355000Kb  35.70



Clear we optimize not only Stylesheets, HTML-Code can also optimized by us. Here we many large Potential to reduce the Code with removing only unneeded Line-Breaks or White-Spaces!

Below you see a Sample for Web-Code Optimizing.

Requests Unoptmized Optimized Size-Reduction % Reduction
1 24.6Kb 20.8Kb 3.8Kb 15.45
100  2460Kb 2080Kb  380Kb  15.45
500  12300Kb 10400Kb   1900Kb 15.45
1000  24600Kb 20800Kb  3800Kb  15.45
5000  123000Kb 104000Kb 19000Kb  15.45
10000  246000Kb 208000Kb  38000Kb  15.45
100000  2460000Kb 2080000Kb  380000Kb  15.45




We reduce also Images for our Customer and use here most JPG-Format with Compression with a Factor 80% of the Quality.

Below you see a Sample for Image Optimizing.

Requests Unoptmized Optimized Siz- Reduction % Reduction
1 90.92Kb 60.8Kb 30.12Kb 33.13
100  9092.1Kb 6080Kb  3012.1Kb  33.13
500  45460.5Kb 30400Kb   15060.5Kb 33.13
1000  90921Kb 60800Kb  30121Kb  33.13
5000  454605Kb 304000Kb 150605Kb  33.13
10000  909210Kb 608000Kb  301210Kb  33.13
100000  9092100Kb 6080000Kb  3012100Kb  33.13


Complete Optimizing Results:

Below you see a Sample for Stylesheet, Web-Code and Image Optimizing.

Requests Unoptmized Optimized Size-Reduction % Reduction
1 153.48Kb 106.01Kb 47.47Kb 30.93
100  15348.1Kb 10601Kb  4747.1Kb  30.93
500  76740.5Kb 53005Kb   237355.5Kb 30.93
1000  153481Kb 106010Kb  47471Kb  30.93
5000  767405Kb 530050Kb 237355Kb  30.93
10000 1534810Kb 1060100Kb  474710Kb  30.93
100000  15348100Kb 10601000Kb  4747100Kb  30.93


We hope that we have here successfull demonstrate how important is the optimizing of a Website for faster Speed and lower Bandwidth-Usage!


The Benefits from our Optimizing:

  • Faster Website
  • Bandwidth-Reducing
  • Reducing of all Server-Resources (Hardware, Software, Database,..)
  • Servers can handle more Users and Requests with the same Equipment



Feel free and send us Question about our Products and Servies with our Online-Support Form!

ITP - Business IT Power and DNN Skin Makers
ITP - Business IT Power and DNN Skin Makers ITP - Business IT Power and DNN Skin Makers

ITP - Business IT Power your Specialist for Systems, Networks, Infrastructures, Programming, Databases-, Hosting-, Security-, IDS-Systems, Design and standard or Special DotNetNuke Skins and Containers.

We supports Microsoft Windows, different Linux Distributions, NetBSD, Products from Cisco, LinkSys, HP, Nortel Networks, BATM, Netgear, Snapgear, Secure Computing, Zyxel, D-Link, WatchGuard, Astaro and many other Manufacturers.

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