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ITP - Business IT Power and DNN Skin Makers
ITP - Business IT Power and DNN Skin Makers

ITP - Business IT Power V2 Showcase

The ITP - Business IT Power V2 Skin is a large Project was include not only the creation of a simple Skin or Container.

We have made by this Project the Planning, Design, Skins, Containers, Special-Menus, Images, Boxshots and teh complete Marketing! So thats it a All-In-One Package.

By this Project we have many Requirments for the Design Style and the Technical-Features!

Below you can see a Screenshot from the Startpage.


More Showcases about this


General Requirements

Small List of the general Requirements:

  • The Portal must support Multilanguage
  • The Top-Menu and the Breadcrumbs must also Support Multilanguage
  • The Skin must support Stretching without Restrictions but the Standard Size must identical with A4 Format
  • The Design must be clear but include also the typical Red-Color in the Design
  • All Contents must easy visible and readable
  • The Skin must include different easy changable Marketing-Areas
  • On the Startpage must include a News Menu with many different News in a small Place and easy Navigation
  • On the Startpage must also include a easy changable Newsline
  • All Marketing-Images for all Sites must created
  • All Partner-Logos must customized for the needed Style
  • and more...


Below you can see teh Screenshot of the completeted and running Startpage.



The Logo and the Header:

The Logo and the Header-Background is designed for this Skin and for other Materials how Company-Papers, Folders, Visitcards, Product-Packs, Transparents and more. Here is very important that the Logo and the Background usable on this different Medias and Sizes.




The Complete  Portal use  Multilanguage, we use here additional Modules from Apollo to localize Pages and and more.


The left Marketing:

Here we have create a Area and a Image for this but admins can replace this Image at avery time with the standard Functions from Dotnetnuke.


The Top-Marketing:

This is a optional Area to place Marketing-Sources how Images, Animations or nothing. All Marketing-Images was we have created for this Area have the same Size that we the same visual End how in the Left Area. Below you see only one Sample of a Marketing-Image but you can see all our Marketing-Images in the Marketing-Showcase from this Project!



You can see all Marketing-Images was we have created for this Project in our Marketing-Showcases.


The Newsline:

This Area is not a Image! We use here also a own Area for this Line so can Admins or other Users with the needed Permissions fast change the Content in this Area. By this Project its important that different Areas can be changed from different Roles without changeings on the Rest of the Pages.



The Boxshot-Menu:

This Area is also full created by DNN Skin Makers, the Boxshot and the Menu is easy changable at every time with the Standard-Functions from Dotnetnuke. We use here not a Single Image with Link-Areas! This Part of the Skin is a Combination of different Images and placed with HTML-Code in the Standard Text/HTML-Module from Dotnetnuke.




Here you see the Part in Edit-Mode.



Boxshot-Samples for this Area



The News-Menu:

The News-Menu is identical how Microsoft's Homepage, we implement here also the same Hover-Features how Microsoft to change the right Newslist when the Mouse over a other Left-News-Area. This Style and technic is perfect to Place many different News in a small Place on the Startpage.



The Page Top Marketing-Images:

This Marketing Images are every placed on the Top of Content under the Top-Marketing-Images, you can see created Marketing-Images on the Marketing-Showcase-Site for this Project.



The Partner Logos:

We have create for each Partner-Logo a own Style to integrate the Logos seamless in the Deisgn and Skin. The Logo-Images placed also with a Standard-Module from Dotnetnuke in this Area. You can see all created Logos from us on the Marketing-Sowcase-Site for this Project.




To see all created Service-link-Images visit our Marketing-Showcase-Site for this Project.



ITP - Business IT Power and DNN Skin Makers ITP - Business IT Power and DNN Skin Makers

ITP - Business IT Power your Specialist for Systems, Networks, Infrastructures, Programming, Databases-, Hosting-, Security-, IDS-Systems, Design and standard or Special DotNetNuke Skins and Containers.

We supports Microsoft Windows, different Linux Distributions, NetBSD, Products from Cisco, LinkSys, HP, Nortel Networks, BATM, Netgear, Snapgear, Secure Computing, Zyxel, D-Link, WatchGuard, Astaro and many other Manufacturers.

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