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High Quality
ITP - Business IT Power and DNN Skin Makers
ITP - Business IT Power and DNN Skin Makers

SimOne - Fashion Showcase

The "SimOne - Fashion" is our first All-In-One Fashion-Project!

We have by this Project made all begins by the Planning, Design, Image-Customization, Grafic-Works and ends by the Installation and configuration of the Portal-System.

Our Customer becomes here all available Services (Creation,Hosting,Installation,Configuration, Maintenance,Support,..) from us.


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Marketing Details

Below you can see a Screenshot from this great Skin, click on the Image to view the Screenshot in Fullsize!



The Logo:

We create this Logo self without any Template, we have create all Details in the Logo self with Photoshop. The Logo is also as Standalone-Image for other Marketing Medias available.


The Header:

The complete Header have a nice Background was stretch automatical.


The Menu:

For the Menu we use by this Project the Standard-Menu from Dotnetnuke with the identical Color-Style as the Skin.



The Left Link-Images:

This Images are displayed on all Pages for a fast and easy Navigation between the different Product-Categories. We have this Images created with a transparent Background that the great Background is every visible. We placed the Images with a Standard-Module from Dotnetnuke in the Leftpane from the Skin.



The Content Area:

This Area is a real Special from us! We implement here a light Gradient as Background, additional we implement here also a Flower-Background and a Slogan-Background and combined all this in a nice and very great Style.

The Flower-Background is only created from 3 different Flowers was we have duplicated and changed in Photoshop. The Slogan "Sim One Fashion" and the Flower-Background is not a single Image!!! We have create this Images as different Backgrounds in the Skin.



The Product Categories:

We have create for each Product-Category a separate Page with Preview-Images. We place here not only simple a Image because we need here a clear and nice Style for each Image. Click on the Image to see the Fullsize-Version from this Screenshot.



The Product-Preview Images:

Below you can see all created Product Preview-Images.


The Product Images:

Below you see all Product-Images was we have created with the same identical Style for a seamless integration in the Skin.




The Product Details:

Below you can see all Product-Detail-Images was we have created. We have placed all Product-Detail in a identical Background Image with the same Border to become here a identical an seamless Design.




The Footer:

The Footer include also the Stretching-Feature to behold every the same nice Style.




Feel free and send us your Questions about this Skin, Marketing or other Products or Services from us with our Online-Support-Form!


ITP - Business IT Power and DNN Skin Makers ITP - Business IT Power and DNN Skin Makers

ITP - Business IT Power your Specialist for Systems, Networks, Infrastructures, Programming, Databases-, Hosting-, Security-, IDS-Systems, Design and standard or Special DotNetNuke Skins and Containers.

We supports Microsoft Windows, different Linux Distributions, NetBSD, Products from Cisco, LinkSys, HP, Nortel Networks, BATM, Netgear, Snapgear, Secure Computing, Zyxel, D-Link, WatchGuard, Astaro and many other Manufacturers.

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